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Portfolio is updated

New categories are added to the portfolio:

— Budapest

— Rome

— Tuscany and Florence

All other categories are updated too.

A new category in portfolio

A new category is added to portfolio: Amsterdam.




Well, it looks like time is going by too fast and I can’t manage to post here something in a way I would like to. So I will try to do it as it comes to my life, mind, memory etc — not the ideal option, but at least something.

Couple of weeks ago, I came back from Tuscany, the place I have been dreaming about for awhile. October isn’t the perfect time to be there, but even though, Tuscany was simply beautiful. Definitely, I must go there once again. At springtime.


Ok, we are running

Well, it’s almost a half-year since this site has been started. I cant say that a lot of changes were made here during this time, but there were a lot changes in my life and this kept me in the real world preventing from spending time in the virtual one. I mean in the internet.
Anyway, a lot of new material has been shot. I have been shooting in Magdeburg, Rome, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, Kos (Greece), Saint Petersburg and, of course, in Frankfurt. A lot of new nice images to come. Stay tuned! 🙂

Starting this site

Друзья, коллеги и все, кому интересно,

я запускаю свой сайт, где вы можете посмотреть мои картинки и, при желании, со мной связаться. Пока это лишь основа, которая, будем надеяться, со временем обрастет деталями. Для меня еще не совсем ясно, в каком направлении развивать данный проект, посмотрим, что будет получаться…

В любом случае, первый шаг сделан. :)